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Peace of Mind

The incidence of crime across the UK is constantly creeping up, particularly when it comes to burglaries and opportunistic theft from properties. If you’re concerned about crime levels in your neighbourhood, you can check the official statistics – and if you’re worried about becoming a victim, take some preventive measures.

Installing an intruder alarm as part of your home or business protection system will bring you peace of mind – as well as possibly reducing your insurance premiums.

Active Fire & Security offers different types of burglar alarms to suit your requirements and your available budget – including those with pet friendly sensors. We’re happy to advise on what type of system is most appropriate for your property and install it efficiently complying with current regulations.

Types of Burglar Alarms

You can opt for a traditional hard-wired intruder alarm, or a modern wireless system. You can have an alarm that alerts you or a remote key-holder to an intrusion, is connected to an alarm monitoring company or the police, or one that just lets of a siren if a burglar breaks in – or attempts to.

You can have your alarm sensors fixed on windows, doors and other likely points of entry, or have portable sensors that you can position as you please.

The most popular choice for home and commercial property alarms at present are wireless solutions controlled by an app on your smart phone. Not only do these wireless detection systems allow you to switch the alarm on and off remotely, but they’ll also alert you to an intrusion and allow you to actually view the rooms in your property.

Call us today to find out more about wireless alarm systems.

Diligent After-Sales Service

Once you have an alarm system installed it needs to be regularly checked and maintained, or you will end up experiencing the inconvenience of false alarms. Worse still a neglected alarm may develop a fault and not function at all just when you need it to.

Active Fire & Security are diligent with after-sales care and repairs and will make sure your burglar alarm is kept in tip-top working order.

We can arrange 24-hour monitoring to satisfy insurance requirements and recommend extra security precautions to add to your home protection system such as perimeter alarms, motion sensors, CCTV surveillance and panic buttons.

According to the latest available Office for National Statistics (ONS) data 31% of homes now have a burglar alarm, and the number is rising as more and more homeowners realise the importance of safeguarding themselves and their possessions.

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