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Fire is probably the most terrifying emergency situation any of us can ever experience, so it is not surprising that fire detection and warning systems are strictly regulated and fire safety legislation stringently applied in both commercial and residential premises.

Active Fire & Security are fully qualified and competent to design, install and maintain fire alarm systems for all types of properties. We also offer repair and maintenance contracts for existing fire detection and alarm systems whether or not we originally installed them.

Many fires occur when premises are empty and unattended, so alarm activation could go unnoticed unless the alarm is monitored. We can arrange 24/7 fire alarm monitoring for your business.

We offer affordable packages for business owners wanting to protect their work premises; landlords safeguarding their tenants; and householders worried about the risk of fire harming their family, property and possessions.

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Professionally Designed Bespoke Fire Safety

There are many different categories of fire alarm systems, each suited to different building types and applications. A fire risk assessment is necessary to determine which category you need to comply with the law and be fire-safe. Our experts are able to guide you through the selection process and make sure your system is designed, installed and maintained to be compliant. Lives could depend on this important task.

There are a myriad of components that can be included in a fire detection system – such as break glass units, flame and heat detectors, linear heat cables and carbon monoxide detectors.

These go hand in hand with conventional wired fire alarms, wireless fire alarms, and other systems like addressable alarms and twin wire alarms. All have advantages and disadvantages for different applications, and it takes professionals like Active Fire & Security to put together a bespoke fire safety system for each situation. 

Emergency Lighting

In the event of a fire power cuts are likely. Panic can easily ensue when people are trapped in a dim or darkened burning building.

Emergency lighting is therefore essential. Preferably it should operate automatically and give enough illumination to enable everyone on the premises to find their way out safely in the event of a fire or other calamity.

Emergency lighting is a legal requirement in buildings like nursing homes, schools, museums, cinemas, theatres, hotels and multi-storey dwellings.

If you need to set up emergency lighting as part of your fire safety planning and evacuation system consult with Active Fire & Security experts and we’ll design and install the most appropriate illumination for your purpose.

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